Elafonisi – Kedrodasos Beach

Elafonisi - Kedrodasos Beach

In the southern side of Crete island, you will find a magical place full of white and pink sand, an area called Elafonisi. If you decide to do your vacation in Crete, be sure that Elafonisi will be among the places worth visiting.

Although Elafonisi in Greek means “the island of deer”, you will not see not even one deer walking around. The area of Elafonisi is included in the Natura 2000 Protection Program because of its exceptional natural beauty.

Elafonisi has thousands of visitors every summer and the best period of visiting is May, June or September if you wish to avoid the crowd. In the area around the beach there are some tavernas.

Driving one km west of Elafonisos you will find a beach full of cedars, the Kedrodasos (Cedar forest). The trees are very fragile and require care from holidaymakers as this area is protected by Natura 2000.

The beach is secluded and is not organized and is considered as one of the last paradises in Europe.