Hiking / Biking


Stalos is a beautiful destination, where you can enjoy the Greek summer sun and sea.
We would like to urge you to do a walk through the trees in our area and to enjoy the Cretan nature and beautiful views.

There are suitable routes for hiking or with your bike through the land of olive trees in the region, which join the upper part with the lower part of the village. These are safe routes that will lead you to the upper part of Stalos, in the most mountainous part of our village. This way, you will have the opportunity to see up close the plants and flowers of the Cretan nature and also enjoy the view and serenity of the area.

The images, the silence and scents of Cretan nature will offer you an authentic insight into the life of the region, different from the tourist aspect of it.

It is worth making a stop in the village square to sip a Greek coffee in the cafes of the area with the locals or dine in the traditional taverns.

A beautiful authentic experience of the locals’ everyday life, worthy the treat.

Spend an afternoon here for a very nice experience.