Stalos is a settlement that has been inhabited since ancient times.

Until the 60s, it was a predominantly rural village.
The inhabitants are mainly engaged in the cultivation of the land, the olive oil and the wine.

Most of the residents have been living in Pano Stalos and only few were those who lived in the barren coastal part of the village.

The few families of Kato Stalos were engaged with the making of bricks and tiles which they made and baked in traditional hand kilns.

Even today you can find pieces of those brick that were made in the region upon your walk on the beach.

In the early 70s tourism starts to slowly emergence in the region.

The tourists during that time came to Crete as little explorers, with a small backpack of things but with great enthusiasm to discover the natural beauty of the island and the great history of this place. They left spellbound by the beauty of the place and the authentic hospitality. Those who left, returned and with them came others.

The first tourism businesses in the area were small family companies that offered their customers minor necessities. But the residents’ hospitality was boundless and deeply honest.
Tourism grew rapidly in the region during the 80s and 90s.

Despite the problems created by the rapid development of tourism in the village unpretentious hospitality is something that seems to be unchanged over time and continues to be a major reason that makes many of the visitors of this part to choose it for their holidays again and again.

Today, there are many different types of business and a constant effort to improve and increase the services for those customers who trust Stalos during their vacation here.