Samaria Gorge

Samaria Gorge classified as a national park is one of the most spectacular natural parks in Europe. It is situated on the west side of Crete and its 18km walk.

By bus, we reach Omalos plateau, almost in the middle of the White Mountains, and starting from Xyloskalo going down the Samaria gorge. The wild and unspoilt scenery and flora that you will see along the way is unrivalled anywhere in Crete.

Walking through the gorge is an experience that visitors always enjoy. If you are lucky, you might see a kri-kri, the native Cretan goat. The flora is extensive ranging from high trees to flowers and herbs. After a walking of 5-6 hours, we reach Agia Roumeli, the point where the gorge ends. Agia Roumeli becomes a place where you get some refreshments or eat something.

In the afternoon, the ferry takes us along the scenic south coast to the port of Chora Sfakion or Sougia port where we start our return.